Comment Selling in the Fashion Industry: A Unique Way to Reach an Audience

As women in the corporate world, we need to pay attention to the way we dress. Hence the expression "Dress for Success." At Carole Cohen, that's what it's all about. For me, dressing to look and feel our best is everything.

My passion for travel and fashion inspired me to open my clothing boutique in 2001 to help women find their clothing identity. We stand out for our products as well as our service: in addition to our 100% personalized approach, our clothes are inspired by Brazilian and Latin culture. That's why we also create exclusive collections in Brazil. 

Innovation in the Digital Space

The Carole Cohen experience is not complete without a visit to our boutique to get a 100% personalized experience from our team.

When the pandemic hit Quebec in March 2020, I had to close the doors of my physical boutique and find a way to connect with my audience virtually.

I started doing FaceTime sessions with my clients.  

My primary goal for these sessions was to engage with clients and create a real connection, even through a screen. If a customer is interested in a sweater, either I or an employee will try it on, to show the essence of the product.

Eventually, I wanted to push the digital experience even further. That's when I decided to start doing live sessions on Instagram as a unique and interactive way to connect with the public.

Comment Selling: A Pioneer in Canada

Here's the concept: our team creates a live session on Instagram and people join the party. We showcase different products and people tell us directly in the comments what they want to buy. 

We are proud to be one of the first companies in Canada to opt for this unique way of selling and presenting products.

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How Does Comment Selling Work?

Comment selling, also known as live selling, is one of the fastest-growing forms of peer-to-peer marketing and has many benefits for businesses. It can help build brand loyalty and grow customer engagement.

In comment selling, a post is published or a live session is started on social networks like Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Users communicate directly in the comment section about what they want to buy. Each comment acts as a sale.

The impact of comment selling goes beyond conventional advertising and social media. With its social media-friendly format, comment selling can easily convert shoppers into loyal followers.

Styling, Self-Confidence and Corporate Fashion

My main goal with live shows is to create a big party where women talk about styling, self-confidence, corporate fashion and more in a fun environment. 

The biggest challenge of running a live show is finding the time to create one from A to Z and ensuring that everything runs smoothly without any downtime. Above all, I want everyone to feel like they're among friends. Considering the potential of comment selling, I want to take the time to organize more live shows in the future to bring it to next level.

Two ways of shopping with us

Our model allows us to offer two experiences to our clientele: first, our customers can go directly to the store to enjoy our personalized experience and second, they can join the online experience in the comfort of their homes. We know that today's businesswomen are busier; the digital experience allows them to join the live shows from home, even with a glass of wine in hand!

About Carole Cohen

For the past two decades, Carole Cohen has been dressing women in Montreal and beyond with her passion for fashion. She brings her international flair—from Paris to Brazil—to her styling and satisfies her clients’ constant desire for avant-garde fashion.Helping women to look and feel their best brings Carole true happiness, as she loves sharing her fashion inspiration. From entire outfits to just the right accessory, she believes that every woman can look and feel amazing, inside and out.